What essential Oils are safe to diffuse around dogs and cats?

It’s important to be careful when using essential oils around pets like dogs and cats. Because Some oils can be dangerous for them, especially cats because of how their bodies work.

Here are some oils that are usually safe to use around dogs and cats:

Essential oils for Cats:

  1. Lavender Oil
  2. Frankincense Oil
  3. Copaiba Oil

Essential oils for Dogs:

  1. Lavender Oil
  2. Frankincense Oil
  3. Chamomile Oil
  4. Cedarwood Oil
  5. Marjoram Oil
  6. Myrrh Oil
  7. Cardamom Oil
  8. Copaiba Oil

Keep in mind that certain essential oils that killed my cat, such as tea tree, eucalyptus, citrus oils, and cinnamon, can harm pets and should be avoided. If you’re unsure, it’s better to be careful and make sure your pets are safe.

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