Botanical name: Pogostemon cablin

Extraction method: Steam distillation method

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Patchouli hydrosol is obtained by steam distillation from patchouli leaves. Biotical name of  Patchouli hydrosol is Pogostemon cablin. In hydrosol Patchouli hydrosol is “Pacholi Jal” or “Patchouli Ark.”

Benefits and uses of Patchouli hydrosol:

Patchouli hydrosol for Skincare: Patchouli hydrosol is regularly utilised in skincare due to its alleviating and adjusting properties. It can offer assistance hydrate and tone the skin, diminish redness and irritation, and advance a solid complexion.

Patchouli hydrosol for Aromatherapy (Fragrance-based treatment): The hearty and establishing fragrance of patchouli hydrosol makes it well known in fragrance-based treatment. It is accepted to it has a calming and unwinding impact on the intellect and body.

Patchouli hydrosol for Hair Care: Patchouli hydrosol is known to benefit the hair and scalp. It can offer assistance to adjust oil generationrelieve an bothersome scalp, and advance a solid scalp environment.

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