Botanical name: Styrax benzoin

Extraction method: Solvent Extraction method

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The country of origin of this hydrosol is Thailand. It is pale amber/brown in color. It is harvested from wild-growing plants.

It has a sweet, warm, vanilla-like aroma with an undertone of cinnamon. It has its own calming and uplifting effect on the body mind and soul.  The smell of this hydrosol is highly versatile and it is an excellent fixative for perfumes and soaps.

Blends with: Sandalwood, cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrhh

Constituents: benzoic, cinnamic acids, benzyl benzoate aldehyde, benzoic aldehyde, vanillin, and coniferyl benzoate.


  • It is used on canker sores in and around the mouth to protect them from bacteria so they can heal.
  • It is also used to help relieve and soothe minor irritation on the nose and throat.
  • benzoin for skin: It is also used to deeply cleanse and soothe skin and helps to ease muscle ache.
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