Botanical name:Litsea Cubeba

Extraction method:Steam distillation method

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This hydrosol is steam distilled from the leaves of the May chang palnt. May chang oil is also known as the ‘Oil of Tranquility’ that promotes calm and relaxation. It has a fruity, spicy and sweet lemon scent. With its fresh, strong aroma, May Chang oil is energizing and stimulates the senses.

Blends with:Bergamot, Citronella, Clove Bud, Geranium, Lavender, Orange, and Marjoram

Constituents:Terpene aldehydes: geranial and neral.


  • It is used in all- purpose cleaners, diffusers and in air freshener.
  • It is used as a bug repellent.
  • It is also used to soothe sore joints and muscles.
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