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Celery seed extract is obtained from the seeds of the celery plant. It is used in natural treatments and diet supplements. Celery seed extract has different healthy substances in it, like things that help protect cells from damage and flavonoids. In India, celery seed extract is commonly known as “Ajwain” or “Ajowan” Ajwain is a famous Indian spice that is used in Indian vegetables to make them more delicious.

Natural celery seed extract benefits:

Anti-inflammatory Properties: Celery seed extract has anti-inflammatory properties, which are good for reducing inflammation in our body.

Good for digestive support: A doctor says celery seed extract is a good option for our body’s digestive system. It has traditionally been used to support digestive health.

Blood pressure system: According to some research, celery seed extract may have antihypertensive properties that mean it helps control blood pressure.

Cholesterol management: In Cholesterol, Celery Seed Extract may have a positive impact on cholesterol levels by reducing total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol while increasing HDL (good) cholesterol.

We hope our research is good for your right choice of extract. You can buy it directly from an Indian manufacturer of celery seed extract.

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