• Botanical Name: thuja occidentalis
  • CAS NO.: 8007-20-3
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Thuja essential oil is also commonly known as “Cedar Leaf Oil” or “Cedarwood Leaf Oil” due to its association with the thuja tree.

Thuja oil is derived from the leaves and twigs of the thuja tree, specifically the Eastern White Cedar.

Thuja oil benefits:

Smells Nice: Thuja oil has a strong, woodsy smell that some folks like in aromatherapy. It’s thought to help you feel calm and grounded.

Helps Skin Problems: People use it on their skin for things like warts, calluses, and skin tags. It might have stuff in it that fights viruses and helps these skin issues.

Eases Breathing: Breathing in the smell of thuja oil can help with breathing problems like coughs and congestion because it might make mucus easier to get rid of.

Relieves Pain: Some use thuja oil on their skin to ease pain, especially for things like sore joints and muscles.

Keeps Bugs Away: You can use thuja oil to keep insects away because it has a strong smell that bugs don’t like. You can put it on your skin or in a machine that spreads the smell around.

thuja oil for hair: Sometimes, it’s added to shampoos and hair products because it smells good and might help you feel relaxed.

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