• Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum balsamita
  • CAS No.: 85251-67-8
  • Refractive Index: 1.5100 to 1.5320 at 20°C
  • Specific Gravity: 1.0320 to 1.0510 at 25 °C
  • Optical Rotation (°): -2.00 to +1.00
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Costmary Essential Oil is a highly aromatic essential oil. This oil is also known as mint geranium, balsam herb, bible leaf, and alecost. Costmary oil is that essential oil which is extracted from its flowers and leaves. Costmary belongs to the Asteraceae family. It is originated in India.

Botanical Name: Tanacetum balsamita

Constituents: Quercetin, T-Dihydrocarvone, sesquiterpenes, camphor, 1,8-cineole and more.

Extraction Method: Steam distillation


  • COSTMARY ESSENTIAL OIL is superb in treating wounds as it is very effective on injuries.
  • This oil is used for making perfumes as it has pleasant flavored fragrance.
  • This oil is used for reducing inflammation as it contains high antimicrobial properties in it.
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