• Botanical Name: Acacia Farnesiana
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Cassie Flower Essential Oil is a dark yellow viscous liquid that is clear at room temperature and produces waxy flakes at reduced temperatures. Its scent is slightly spicy, warm, and balsamic, as well as herbaceous and floral! It is valuable.

Common Name: Acacia farnesiana

Blends With: Ionones and methyl ionones, heliotropine, anisalcohol, cyclamal, etc. and with bergamot oil, costus, mimosa, orris products, olibanum, ylang-ylang absolute, etc

Constituents: E-ocimene, 8-oxolinalool, Benzyl Methyl Ether


  • Cassie Flower essential oil is used in the food industry and confectionery.
  • It is also widely used in the cosmetic industry.
  • it is also used in aromatherapy treatment for depression, anxiety, etc.
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