• CAS No.: 8006-77-7
  • Botanical Name: Pimenta officinalis
  • Refractive Index: 1.5270 to 1.5400 at 20°C
  • Specific Gravity: 1.0180 to 1.0480 at 25 °C
  • Optical Rotation (°) : -4.00 to 0.00
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All spice is a plant of unripe berries. These berries and leaves are turned into oil which has a lukewarm aroma of spices.  The strong aroma of this essential oil relates itself with cinnamon and cloves. This herb is obtained from the mountains. All spice essential oil has freshness and warmth in it. It’s an important ingredient of Ayurveda and is used for various beneficial purposes.

Common Name:  Pimento

Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Blend with: Bay, black pepper, cistus, ginger, lavender, and many more.

Constituents: Eugenol 75%, sesquiterpene, caryophyllene, methyl, and others.


  • All spice oil is used for treating respiratory issues like cough and cold or congestion.
  • It is used for the digestive system curing.
  • It is used in relieving muscular pain.
  • It is used for having positive effects on cancer disease.
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