Pain essential oils blend reduces inflammation and soothes muscle tension. 

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Pain is an uncomfortable feeling in your body that warns you something wrong. Most pains are caused by an inflammation of some sort.

Some essential oils reduces inflammation and soothes muscle tension. Some has cooling effect.

These essential oil relieves the pain and eases discomfort.

Pain relief blend is a CURATIVE or HEALING BLEND of eucalyptus, wintergreen, ginger, turmeric and clove oil

EUCALYPTUS OIL – It has cooling effect on muscles and reduces pain.

WINTERGREEN OIL – It has the ability to fight nerve pain and improves blood circulation.

GINGER OIL – It soothes and reduces aches, such as headaches, migraines, back pain and arthritis.

TURMERIC OIL – It stimulate blood circulation.

CLOVE OIL – It helps to reduce swelling. It has anti inflammatory properties.

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