Make your mind and body calm and lift your spirits with our meditation blend.

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The main goal of meditation is to remove chaotic thoughts from your mind and replace them with the essence of calm and mindfulness of the present movement.

Using essential oils while meditating helps support emotional well-being. It will help to reduce distractions, stress, anxiety and improve focus, and heals our bodies.

Make your mind and body calm and lift your spirits with our aromatherapy meditation blend oil.

Meditation is a COGITATION BLEND of frankincense, lavender, orange, patchouli and marjoram oil.

FRANKINCENSE OIL – It has balancing effect on emotions, reduces restlessness and supports spiritual freedom.

LAVENDER OIL – It has calming properties which can put your mind in right frame. Its soft and soothing aroma, heals and purify your mind

ORANGE OIL – Citrus scents are energizing. It is a mood booster.

PATCHOULI OIL – It may help promote sleep and relaxes are mind.

MARJORAM OIL – It is a perfect remedy for nervous exhaustion. It’s warm and woody promotes a calming atmosphere.

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