Botanical Name: Phyllanthus Emblica 

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Amla oil is foud to be useful for hair. Besides it, the liquid has many therapeutic properties like it control cholesterol level, enhance vision, support cardiovascular health, etc. 

In India, the famous company for amla oil is Dabur.

Botanical Name: Phyllanthus Emblica 

Common Name: Indian Gooseberry

Blends With: coconut, sesame and olive oil

Extraction Method: Cold pressing of Dried amla with sesame Seeds

Constituents:  ellagitannins, emblicanin B, ascorbic acid, emblicanin A, punigluconin punicafolin, pedunculagin, kaempferol, lavonoids, phyllanemblinin, ellagic acid, gallic acid, etc. 

pure amla oil benefits:

  • Support immune function
  • Control cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • improve brain function
  • reduce the recovery time of cold and flu 
  • reduce the effects of premature aging
  • enhance vision
  • improve blood pressure and cardiovascular health
  • reduce dehydration
  • lighten the skin
  • improve functionality of respiratory organs

Benefits of amla for hair:

pure amla hair oil makes your hair softer and easier to handle. It helps untangle knots and reduces frizz.

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