Botanical name: Arnica Montana

Extraction method: Steam distillation method

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Arnica Montana is mostly found in Central Europe. This is a pure natural therapeutic hydrosol. It is cultivated from wild growing plants. Arnica hydrosol is grounding and calming and is a welcome support during periods of situational anxiety and depression. It is well suited for inclusion in natural fragrances, holistic aromatherapy and home fragrancing products.

Blends with: bergamot, geranium, orange, rosewood, sandalwood, neroli and mandarin.

Constituents:essential oils, fatty acids, thymol, flavanone glycosides etc.


  • It is used to reduce swelling and bruising from injuries.
  • It is used as an ointment for relieving sore muscles, treating sprains and strains.
  • It is also used to stimulate and dilate blood vessels, bringing more blood to the area.
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