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  • CAS No.: 8057-65-6
  • Botanical Name: Arnica montana
  • Refractive Index: 1.3732 to 1.3845 at 25°C
  • Specific Gravity: 0.9160 to 0.9270 at 25 °C
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Arnica montana essential oil is obtained from arnica flowers that have macerated oil in it. This plant is very aromatic and blossom. Its emerging flowers are being used traditionally for the treatments of many problems. It comes in homeopathic medicines and has various benefits.

Botanical Name- Mountain tobacco, mountain arnica

Extraction Method- Steeped Arnica Montana flowers in sunflower

Constituents:  Hydrocarbons, esters, ethers, alcohols, phenol acids, sugars and many more

Blends with: Orange oil, bergamot oil, rose oil, sandalwood oil, rosewood oil, neroil oil and many more


  • Arnica montana essential oil is used for treating the migraines as its potent properties are very effective in relieving pains.
  • It is used for the skin as it is rich in Vitamin E that helps in keeping the skin radiant and young.
  • It is used for boosting the immune system and disease-free.
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