Botanical Name: Olea Europaea

Extraction Method: Cold pressed

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The green colored olive oil has anti-oxidizing property due to which it is high in demand. It is stable in nature and is used as an effective anti-coagulator. The oil is a rich source of monosaturated fatty acids. 

Common Name: Sweet Oil

Blends With: Canola, grapeseed oil, soybean oil, safflower oils, etc

Constituents:  Stearic acid, Palmitic acid, Arachidic acid, Myristic acid, Behenic acid, Lignoceric acid, etc.


  • Anti-oxidizing agent
  • Anti-inflammation property
  • Provide protection from Alzheimer’s disease
  • Helps in preventing strokes
  • Good for heart
  • Reduces the risk of diabetes
  • Have anti-cancer property, etc.
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