Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis

Extraction Method: Cold pressing of seeds

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Jojoba Oil is a golden colored liquid obtained by the method of cold pressed jojoba oil of the plant seeds. It possesses anti-bacterial, soothing, anti-inflammatory and several other therapeutic properties. 

Common Name: Jojoba carrier oil, Jojoba seed oil, and Jojoba oil golden

Blends With: Lavendar oil and other essential oils

Constituents:  chained C20 fatty acids and chained C22 fatty acids, alcohols, etc

Pure cold pressed jojoba oil Uses:

  • Good for skin hence used in skin care products
  • Excellent lubricant
  • Quick healing of acne
  • Used in lotions and creams industry because of its herbal aroma
  • Healng of mouth sores, etc.

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