Placing an order with us is quite a simple task. When you agree to the terms and conditions, it means you agree with our delivery and shipping process as well. Here is how we work for shipping:

  • Once the order is made, the product first undergoes the inspection and it is checked for the perfect condition first.
  • After the quality check, they are handed to our trusted delivery partner.
  • The delivery partner then brings your package to the address and in case if there are any problems to reach your location, then they will contact you to resolve the issue soon.
  • For international shipping, customers have to pay for the customs duties to the courier provider for receiving any product.

How we package the products?

It is our responsibility to deliver the products safely and free from any kind of damage to our customers. We take care of the safety of the order and pack the products in the boxes which are covered by a layer of plastic. Every single product is packaged in a bubble wrap and the fragile items are secured with extra bubble wrap so that there are no chances of breaking during the shipment.

What is the estimated delivery time?

We usually take 1-4 business days to dispatch the orders excluding the Sundays and public holidays. Your dispatch may be delayed if you have ordered from a mega sale event because of the increased volumes for the product. We try our best to deliver the products on or before time.

We provide the multishipment procedure, which means that your products are shipped from the different warehouse locations and we make sure that you do not have to wait for a longer time for your product.

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