Botanical name: Laurus nobilis

Extraction method: Water Distillation method

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This hydrosol is steam distilled from the green, fragrant leaves of the laurus nobilis herb cultivated in Portugal. The fragrance is very special and fine, a powerful rich, green, almost a little “chlorophyll” scent with a spicy scented butterfly that pulses in the background.

Blends with: rosemary, sage and other spice essentials.

Constituents: eucalyptol, 12% other terpenes, 8-12% terpinyl acetate, 3–4% sesquiterpenes, 3% methyleugenol, and other α- and β-pinenes, phellandrene, linalool, geraniol, and terpineol.


  • It is used in relieving aches and pains of strained muscles.
  • It ccan also be used as an astringent to improve the appearance of bruises and skin rashes
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