Botanical name: Cinnamomum verum

Extraction method: The steam distillation method

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This hydrosol is steam distilled from the rich, spicy bark of the small Cinnamomum verum tree which is grown in the wild forest of Sri Lanka. It has a charming, sweet, spicy aroma that evokes a sense of strength, boldness, and warmth.  This hydrosol helps regulate healthy bacteria management as well as reduce the presence of unwelcome microbial activity.

Blends with: basil, clove, fennel, and ginger essential oil.

Constituents: cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl acetate, cryophyllene, linalool, and eugenol.


  • It is used for relieving bloating and preventing gas.
  • It is used as a room spray because it can be very stimulating and be clearing to the mind.
  • It is also used for holistic aromatherapy applications, as it is very energizing and uplifting.
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