Botanical name: Phoenix dactylifera

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These are solid fruit having only one seed that is grown on the date palm trees. These fruits are covered with a thickset outer like mango or olives. These fruits can be found in the tropical regions of this world. They are sweet and have many nutritious benefits.

Botanical name: Phoenix dactylifera

Extraction Method: Water Extract

Constituents: Carbohydrate that includes sugar, glucose and fructose, calcium (123-187 mg/100 g), magnesium (56-150 mg/ 100g), phosphorus (12-27 mg/ 100 g) and sodium (4.9-8.9 mg/100 g).

Blends:  Water


  • The date is used for removing wrinkles and improving the appearance.
  • It is beneficial for removing coughs.
  • It could be used as a sweet after the meals.
  • Majorly used in seasonings and supplements.


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