Brahmi Oil

Botanical Name: Bacopa Monnieri

Extraction Method: Infused in sesame oil

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Pure brahmi oil along with Almond oil and olive oil makes a combination which is highly beneficial for hair. The greenish brown liquid possesses sweet fragrance. Besides all these, the liquid is acknowledged for increasing memory functionality. In Indian, it is known as brahmi tel.

Common Name: Indian Pannywort Oil and Bacopa Monnieri Oil 

Blends With: Almond oil and olive oil

Constituents:  Saponins, bacopasides, bacosides, brahmine, monnierin, nicotine, hersaponin, herpestine, etc. 

brahmi oil benefits:

  • Relives joint pain
  • Anti-anxiety agent
  • brahmi leaves for hair: Reduce hair fall
  • Effective in insomnia
  • Increase memory function
  • Promote intelligence 
  • Enhance concentration power
  • God hair tonic, and many more.
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