Botanical Name: Frangipani Absolute is Plumeria alba

Cas No.: 90082-02-3

Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction Method

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In natural frangipani absolute, the flowers of the frangipani plant are used to make the highly aromatic and fragrant oil known as “frangipani absolute”. also referred to as Plumeria. It is made using a solvent extraction method, which brings out the flowers’ potent, intense aroma.

Aroma: The exotic floral scent of frangipani absolute is enticing. It is renowned for its richly floral, sweet, and tropical scent.

Skincare and Cosmetics: Frangipani is absolutely good for skin care and cosmetics. Because of its aromatic qualities and potential skin benefits, frankincense absolute is used in skincare and cosmetic products. It frequently appears in lotions, creams, soaps, and body oils, where it adds a lovely scent and perhaps has calming and moisturizing properties.

Aromatherapy: In aromatherapy, fragipani absolute is known to have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body when used. It is employed in aromatherapy to encourage calmness, reduce stress, and foster a peaceful environment.

Traditional and Cultural Significance: Frangipani flowers have symbolic meaning in many cultures, according to tradition. They are linked to spirituality, love, devotion, and beauty.

Perfumery: Frangipani absolute is a highly prized component in perfumery. Its alluring scent gives floral, oriental, and exotic perfume compositions depth and complexity.

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