A quick guide to Asafoetida / Hing Essential Oil

Quick Guide to Asafoetida Hing Essential Oil


hing at baby navalDo you remember the 👶childhood days when our grandmas use to rub lukewarm hing / asafoetida water on our bellies whenever we had stomach issues!

That kitchen remedy used to relieve our stomach-ache in a few minutes. Many of us still swear by the same remedy till now.

✔️ Hing or Asafoetida is an ancient herb which despite being described as Tamasic Food’ in Ayurveda has countless health benefits for all age groups.

Onions🧅and garlic🧄 also belong to the same category but consuming them sometimes gives an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, experienced by everyone at least once! “Gas”. Hing therefore, helps make certain foods more digestible, reducing side effects like bloating and gas, it also supports healthy blood sugar levels. It is the major substitute of onions and garlic which are avoided by followers of Jains and Vaishnavas in our society.

Asafoetida or Hing traces back to ancient Rome for it’s origin. It was used as a spice at that time. Hing has been used for ages and has great number of medicinal benefits due to it’s strong, sulphurous, tenacious odor and sedative qualities. For example, in Afghanistan hot water extract of the dried gum version of hing is taken orally to cure ✔️ hysteria, ✔️ whooping cough , ✔️ mood swings associated with menstrual symptoms and to treat ✔️ ulcers.


Home-made remedies of Hing Oil👇


Hing Oil has incredible benefits from treating diabetes to keeping the digestive and reproductive system healthy, it is considered as a panacea / aka Ram Baan Aushadhi for our gut.

☑️ Two drops of Asafoetida oil mixed with one ml of Sesame oil when rubbed gently on the tummy and abdomen relieves from acidity or stomach ache.

☑️ Adding one drop of Hing oil to warm bathing water and to home diffuser in the triggers the process of metabolism which further aids in proper digestion of the food we eat.  

☑️ Adding two drops of Hing oil to steam inhaler or rubbing the same on the chest, neck and back keeps the mucous and phlegm deposits in the bronchial, nasal and respiratory passages at bay.

☑️ The prevalent coronavirus disease that took so many lives globally badly affects the respiratory system causing fever, cough and shortness of breath as the initial symptoms. Since, hing oil is also known for it’s antimicrobial properties that stops the growth of infectious organisms that worsen common cold & cough. It could be a potential countermeasure against COVID-19.


Hing/ Asafoetida- A staple ingredient of Indian cuisine🥘


Though Asafoetida/ Hing is not native to India , it is an essential and popular herb of our Indian Kitchen. It is widely used in pickling and as a savoury enhancer due to it’s healthy aroma that it emits.

Hing is also often used along Haldi or Turmeric while cooking curries for pulses such as Daal & Chickpeas or vegetables like potato, cauliflower, lady-finger and gourds. It not only adds flavour to the dish but also aids in digestion as discussed above. It’s dried and grounded form is eaten with raw salad.


Benefits of Asafoetida /Hing oil


▶️ Hing oil has numerous benefits, this oil is known to nurture the earth element that provides strength and vigor in humans.

▶️ Studies have shown promising benefits of Hing to crops also. It is used as a pesticide in organic farming practices. Asafoetida has insect controlling properties which prevents insect infestations especially chickpea crops. 

For this farmers take 100-150 gm of hing which they bring to boil with one litre of water. The solution is then next diluted in approx. 200 litres of water, which is then sprayed as a pesticide over the crops. 

Click on the link to check the other health advantages of Hing, apart from the below mentioned points: https://draxe.com/nutrition/asafoetida/

▶️ Anti-microbial and anti-viral: As discussed earlier in this blog, Asafoetida is  highly effective against viruses, it helps fight against small microbes. It treats protozoa-based infection and expels parasitic worms.

▶️ Anti-diabetic – Hing hinders the blood sugar levels in the body thus assisting the pancreatic cells to emit additional insulin. Bitter gourd cooked in asafoetida controls diabetes.

▶️ Anti-carcinogenesis – Hing stops the cells from developing cancer.

▶️ Relaxant – The strong aroma of hing oil soothes both mind and body.

▶️ Neuroprotective – Protects the nervous system

▶️ Hepatoprotective – Supports healthy liver system, eliminates fat from the body.

▶️ Tooth-pain: Asafoetida oil blended with opium tooth ache.

▶️ Induces periods


Asafoetida / Hing oil is the USP of Kanha Nature Oil. The oil prepared is 100 % pure, undiluted and of therapeutic grade. Kanha Nature Oils are top manufacturer and trader of Hing (Asafoetida) Essential Oil in Delhi NCR. It is extracted from natural plant and processed as per set rules of the industry.

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